Fuel Management

In addition to the delivery of high-quality clean fuels, Sprague offers a complete array of fuel and fleet management capabilities, including transactional management and consultative support. We have extensive in-house expertise and decades of experience. For additional service offerings, visit our services page.


Sprague supports customers’ fleet operations with detailed and timely fuel activity reporting, whether drivers are fueling at onsite locations or retail facilities. Sprague offers convenient, online access to information and the ability to easily manage drivers and vehicles 24 hours per day.

Transaction Management

  • Incorporates computer-controlled fuel dispensing limits plus simple, high-integrity vehicle and employee data management
  • Streamlines reporting via online transaction tool encompassing gallons, location, employee, vehicle, product information, and much more

Consignment Inventory

  • Reduces inventory capital requirements - billing occurs when fuel is dispensed from the nozzle, offering pricing stability and reducing administrative costs
  • Sprague provides reports directly to third parties if desired, including all invoices as well as manages accounts receivable

Fuel Facility Support

  • Installs, maintains and repairs monitors, island dispensers, pumps and control units and offers preventative maintenance programs
  • Offers on-site consulting services for environmental compliance, feasibility studies, site assessments and equipment specs


Sprague supplies customers with a range of fuels including: ULSD, Gasoline, E85, Biodiesel, Jet fuel, and CNG. With 22 owned and/or controlled terminals, an extensive network of throughput locations, and relationships with third-party carriers, we can easily supply fuel across the entire Northeast region.

We help customers optimize their on-site fueling infrastructure, ensuring that you have the fuel you need, when you need it. We schedule deliveries to minimize the transportation expenses and also work diligently with first responders in the event of emergencies or challenging weather events, stocking products in advance of adverse situations.

Automatic Dispatch and Delivery

  • Generates orders based on inventory levels and consumption patterns - reducing administrative time and costs
  • Maximizes full truckloads for lower delivery costs while ensuring timely deliveries
  • Adjusts orders for storms, seasonal activities, emergencies and special events

Environmental Compliance

  • Reduces environmental risks, administrative overhead and costs
  • Includes sensors and alarms for 24/7 electronic monitoring
  • Delivers Business Inventory Reconciliation (BIR) and Inventory Compliance reporting via email and SpraguePORT