Sprague is an industry leader in pioneering and introducing new products, programs and services. Sprague began distributing biodiesel in 2000 and became the first nationally recognized National Biodiesel Board (NBB) Certified BQ-9000 Marketer in the U.S.  This esteemed accreditation is bestowed by the NBB to companies instituting a unique quality control program reducing the risk of biodiesel quality issues. BQ-9000 is a quality assurance certification program that includes quality control procedures for fuel storage, handling and management aimed at ensuring fuel quality throughout the production and distribution network. There are three BQ-9000 categories: certified marketer, certified producer, and certified laboratory.  Sprague ensures that the biodiesel meets and or exceeds American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) specifications including ASTM-D-6751.

Sprague was also awarded a National Biodiesel Board Impact Award for its extraordinary efforts introducing biodiesel into the marketplace. Sprague is a BQ-9000 Certified Marketer. View BQ-9000 certificate.


Biodiesel is a clean burning fuel from domestic and renewable sources blended into diesel which can be used in all traditional diesel applications. Biodiesel increases jobs, reduces dependence on foreign oil imports, and is one of the safer fuels to use, handle and store. It is a transparent fuel which doesn’t require additional infrastructure or equipment modifications, while being used as a drop-in fuel for immediate benefits. Biodiesel is America’s first commercially available advanced biofuel.

Biodiesel is not ethanol, which is blended in gasoline for gasoline powered vehicles. Biodiesel is used as a replacement or supplement to diesel fuel in diesel engines and power equipment.

Customized blends based on your specifications, as well as standard blended options are available.

Biodiesel blends provide natural, improved lubricity, increase cetane and significantly reduce greenhouse emissions.

In 2011, Empire Clean Cities estimated that Sprague’s biofuel sales resulted in a reduction of over 790 tons of greenhouse gases.

Sprague tests fuel to ensure the blend you require is the blend you receive.

Sprague Biodiesel Offerings:
B2, B5, B20, B99.9, B100
Customized blends also available