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Sprague has decades of experience in providing quality No. 2 Heating Oil throughout the Northeast. 

Sprague serves a wide mix of dealers and Commercial end users across our service territories.  We take pride in having a consistent supply of product throughout our entire terminal distribution network of owned and leased facilities.

  • Sprague Heating Oil
  • HeatForce® Premium


Sprague offers a wide range of value-added services and products to ensure that you can rely on a single provider for all of your fuel needs.  Sprague’s proprietary online pricing platform (Sprague Real-Time®), account management systems, and price protection options are very well received by our customers, who appreciate the opportunity to take complete control of their buying decisions.  In addition to our tools and helpful and experienced customer service team, Sprague offers the wide range of products you expect such as biofuels, premium fuels, fuel additive options and much more. 

Our product experts and Customer Care Group are prepared to help answer any questions you may have regarding your No. 2 Heating Oil.



HeatForce® premium fuel includes a proprietary and field-proven multifunctional fuel treatment additive that is specifically designed to maintain the integrity and quality of home heating oil. Our Premium Fuel helps protect against Upstream and Downstream quality issues that can impact home heating oil efficiencies.

HeatForce® Benefits:

  • Improves fuel oil qualityHeatForce_4color - transparent
  • Promotes a healthier heating system
  • Reduces unscheduled fuel related service calls
  • Improves your bottom line by saving money and time
  • Differentiates your company from your competition
  • Creates brand awareness

In concert with extensive Technical and Marketing support, HeatForce® premium fuel allows you to build on the trust and loyalty that your customers have come to expect.

Reach out to learn more about how Sprague and HeatForce® premium fuel can work for you.

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