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As a business owner, your time and resources are valuable. You want options to provide the best growth opportunities for your business, while at the same time, keeping an eye on the bottom line. Request a Natural Gas Quote online, or call 1.855.466.2842.

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You need an energy provider you can trust, and one that doesn't require you to watch the energy markets everyday and figure out how you should purchase your natural gas. At Sprague, we're energy experts who have been solving energy problems for businesses for over 140 years. You're going to be glad Sprague is your energy partner.

The Freedom to Choose. In conjunction with St. Lawrence Gas, all customers now have the option to purchase their natural gas supplies from someone other than the utility. This means that you can now start to manage and actually control your energy costs with the same safety and reliability that you currently enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions - Purchasing Natural Gas

Can I buy my natural gas from someone other than St. Lawrence Gas?
. Other natural gas suppliers, known as Energy Service Companies (ESCOs), can provide your natural gas requirements. These ESCOs will deliver your natural gas to St. Lawrence Gas and St. Lawrence Gas will then deliver the gas to you. The ESCO will bill you for the natural gas supplies and any transportation charges needed to deliver the gas to St. Lawrence Gas. St. Lawrence Gas will only bill you for the transportation charges St. Lawrence Gas incurs to deliver the natural gas to your facilities, and any other charges according to the tariff.

Will the service I receive from St. Lawrence Gas be different if I buy gas from an ESCO?
 You will receive the same quality service from St. Lawrence Gas no matter which ESCO provides your natural gas requirements. 

Can anyone sell gas in the St. Lawrence Gas service territory?
Only ESCOs that have been approved by the New York State Public Service Commission can sell natural gas in New York State. Each ESCO must also be deemed creditworthy by St. Lawrence Gas.

Can Sprague sell gas in the St. Lawrence Gas service territory?
Yes. Sprague has been approved by both St. Lawrence Gas and the New York State Public Service Commission to provide transportation service in the St. Lawrence Gas service territory. In fact, Sprague has been serving customers behind the St. Lawrence Gas system since 1999.

Where can I find out more information on the deregulation of natural gas?
Questions regarding the details of St. Lawrence Gas' Retail Access Program can be answered by contacting St. Lawrence Gas directly at 1.800.673.3301 and asking for customer service.

Will I save money buying natural gas directly from Sprague?
The savings you receive will depend on what price and when you purchase your supplies from Sprague. Remember, with Sprague, you have options! You have the option to either lock-in your natural gas costs right now or float with the market until the price is right for you. If you choose to continue to purchase your natural gas supplies from St. Lawrence Gas you will not have an option to choose; your natural gas costs will continue to float month to month with the energy market.

What about my budget billing - can I buy my gas from an ESCO and stay on the budget?
Yes. Your monthly budget amount will be adjusted to reflect your natural gas supplier choice. The ESCO may or may not offer budget billing on their system. Check with them when you apply for service. 

How do I start buying my own natural gas?
Learn about how you can start buying your own natural gas directly from an ESCO by clicking "How to Buy Natural Gas" on the green tab to the left.

Who is Sprague?
Founded in 1870 as a distributor of coal and oil, today Sprague is the leading independent supplier of energy products and related services in the Northeast.

Does Sprague provide other energy products?
Sprague provides a wide range of energy products and services that give you the tools you need to provide the best growth opportunities for your business, while at the same time, keeping an eye on the bottom line. Learn more about Sprague.

How do I Start Buying My Own Natural Gas?

Put Sprague's more than 140 years of energy experience to work for you! Buying natural gas through Sprague is both quick and easy.

1. Sprague will require some information regarding your account with St. Lawrence Gas. This will include your St. Lawrence Gas account number, service address, mailing address and phone number.
You will need to fill out and sign the St. Lawrence Gas Authorization Release Form and fax it to Sprague. Once Sprague receives your Authorization Form, it will be sent to St. Lawrence Gas to process. St. Lawrence Gas will then provide Sprague all the information needed to develop your FREE energy Review. 

2. Evaluate your pricing options. Your FREE Energy Review will include (a) the price for a one-year or longer supply of natural gas, (b) the association transportation costs to deliver the gas to the St. Lawrence Gas system, and (c) a cost savings analysis at your burner tip.

3. If you are interested in controlling your energy costs, Sprague will provide you with a credit application and a sample E-Z natural gas purchase agreement. Fill out the credit application and send it to Sprague. 

4. Once approved, choose your purchase options, sign the E-Z natural gas purchase agreement and send it to Sprague. Then you are done!

All documents may be sent to any of the following:

Fax: 603.430.5320


Mail:  Natural Gas Marketing - SLG
         Sprague Operating Resources LLC
         185 International Drive
         Portsmouth, NH 03801

Questions or need help? Call 1.855.GO.NATGAS and ask for information on Sprague's St. Lawrence Gas energy programs.

Click here to view, download and save, or print the St. Lawrence Gas Authorization Release Form.