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Sprague offers Columbia Gas of Massachusetts commercial customers the opportunity to take control of their natural gas costs. Request a Natural Gas Quote online or call 1.855.GO.NATGAS (1.855.466.2842) or email and ask for more information on the Sprague programs available to Columbia Gas of Massachusetts customers.

  • Features and Benefits
  • You Have Options
  • How to Enroll
  • Program FAQs

Features and Benefits

Lock-in Low Natural Gas Prices!

Sprague is providing Columbia Gas of Massachusetts commercial customers the ability to lock-in a long-term price at competitive rates. Based on historic Columbia Gas of Massachusetts rates, commercial customers could cut their natural gas costs. Sprague's new fixed-rate program will provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your natural gas rate will be locked in, regardless of where the volatile commodities market moves.

Sprague has been providing large industrial and commercial customers with competitive gas supply for over a decade. Additionally, Sprague has assisted many of the largest national retailers in the area in optimizing their natural gas asset management and purchases. We now offer our experience and expertise to smaller commercial and retail customers in the area.


  • Ability to lock-in a single rate for a given volume for the life of the contract term
  • Ability to easily (and more accurately) budget your energy costs for the year
  • Reduce sticker shock based on the underlying market dynamics; if the market prices go up, you will continue to pay roughly the same rate
  • Ability to take advantage of our experienced Customer Care group for any energy-related questions
  • Up-to-date market information via expanded online tools

You Have Options

You have a choice in your natural gas supplier!

In conjunction with Columbia Gas of Massachusetts and their Choice Advantage program, customers now have the ability to purchase their natural gas from a competitive provider. You are no longer only able to buy from the utility. Columbia Gas of Massachusetts even references on their website that working with companies like Sprague could help customers get better natural gas prices.

This means that you have the ability to better manage your gas costs by working with Sprague, which combines its decades of natural gas market knowledge, tools and capabilities with the safety and reliability that you will continue to enjoy.

Choose Sprague

Complete this simple form to get started. We will contact you and talk through how Sprague can help you better manage and control your gas costs. There is no fee to change providers. In addition to the fixed price program, Sprague offers a variety of purchase options to best fit your needs, leveraging over 140 years of energy expertise.

How to Enroll

Enrolling with Sprague is easy!

  • Let us know of your interest by filling out this simple form or giving us a call at 1.855.GO NATGAS (1.855.466.2842).
  • Sprague will need basic Columbia Gas of Massachusetts account information from your bill(s). We will then reach out to Columbia Gas of Massachusetts to obtain your historical usage and rate information. This is easy for us to do, and they readily provide this information.
  • Once you are approved, we provide you with our pricing choices, and we work together to help you choose your gas program. Sprague will then send you its EZ purchase agreement that will enable you to lock-in your energy costs for the contract period.
  • It is that easy! 

Program FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy my natural gas from someone other than Columbia Gas® of Massachusetts?

  • Yes. Competitive natural gas suppliers, known as Energy Service Companies (ESCOs), can also help meet your natural gas requirements. ESCOs deliver your natural gas requirements to Columbia Gas of Massachusetts, and Columbia Gas of Massachusetts will then deliver the actual gas to you.

    The ESCO, or Sprague in this case, will bill you for the natural gas supplied and any transportation charges needed to deliver the gas to Columbia Gas of Massachusetts. Columbia Gas of Massachusetts will bill you for only local distribution charges to your facilities, and any other charges according to their tariff. You will receive two gas bills, one from Columbia Gas of Massachusetts for their distribution service and one from Sprague for your supply.

Will the service I receive from Columbia Gas of Massachusetts change if I buy gas from Sprague?

  • No. You will receive the same quality service from Columbia Gas of Massachusetts regardless of the company that provides your natural gas requirements.

Will I save money buying gas from Sprague?

  • Likely. The savings you receive will depend upon the Columbia Gas of Massachusetts rate, which varies, as well as what price and when you purchase your supplies from Sprague. However, with Sprague, you have options! You have the option to either lock-in your natural gas costs right now or float with the market until the price is right for you and then lock-in, if you so choose. If you purchase your natural gas from Columbia Gas of Massachusetts, you do not have the ability to lock-in prices and avoid the market swings.

How do I start buying my own natural gas?

  • To begin the process of buying your own natural gas, fill out this simple form. If you have any questions on the details of the Energy Choice from Columbia Gas of Massachusetts, call them at: 1-800-322-3223 and ask for customer service.

Who is Sprague?

  • Founded in 1870 as a distributor of coal and oil, today Sprague is one of the largest independent suppliers of energy products and related services in the Northeast. Sprague can to respond to rapidly changing customer needs thanks to its market and trading capabilities plus its network of owned and/or controlled terminals coupled with arrangements at an extensive network of other facilities.

Does Sprague provide other energy products?

  • Yes. Sprague offers a wide range of energy products and services that can provide you with a full range of options for your business, while at the same time keeping an eye on the bottom line. To view our other energy products navigate the site using the links above.

What Services does Sprague provide?

  • Multiple. Columbia Gas of Massachusetts will continue to provide gas to your business. Sprague would be responsible for delivering your actual gas to Columbia Gas of Massachusetts - sourcing it from different locations in the United States. We also have the ability to create customized products for you, delivering an energy solution that best meets your demand requirements and appetite for risk. If you ever have emergencies or delivery issues with your actual gas supply, then you would contact Columbia Gas of Massachusetts for support.

Can I easily get a copy of the contract Terms and Conditions?

  • YES. Sprague sends out the Terms and Conditions to every new customer. Additionally, we keep a record of your Terms and Conditions on file. You can call or email us anytime and we will send you a copy.

Where can I go for more information?

How do I sign up?