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Latest Post June 28, 2017

July NYMEX Natural Gas Futures Contracts Closed at $3.037 on Tuesday, June 27th

Tuesday, June 27th, saw the front-month NYMEX Natural Gas Futures Contracts open at $3.031, slightly above Monday’s closing price of $3.027.  Ticking downward to the intraday low of $3.018 by 9:30AM, prices soon gathered momentum to climb to the intraday high of $3.059 thirty minutes later.  Battling to sustain this week’s weather-induced growth as settlement looms closer, the contract straddled the $3.05 mark until 1:00PM when prices gradually withdrew.  July closed higher on Tuesday at $3.037.

This morning in Globex, WTI Crude was down nine cents; Natural Gas was up three cents; Heating Oil was down slightly; and, Gasoline was down one cent.  Additionally, cash prices were lower in New York and higher in New England.


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