Sprague offers an unmatched network of facilities and global expertise in the procurement, handling and delivery of materials – including maintaining the highest product quality and integrity. We deliver an extensive array of terminal services to help you manage your supply logistics.

Available Materials Handling Services

Sprague works with customers to design the services needed to efficiently manage their requirements. Our employees are exceptionally well trained and understand the importance of customers’ product quality. Our flexible work force can even serve customers at non-Sprague terminals when needed.

  • Vessel discharging and loading
  • Weighing, unitizing
  • Short or long term storage
  • Inventory management
  • Unit tracking
  • EDI, Barcode scanning, FTP
  • Receiving and loading out via rail or truck
  • Stock pile maintenance

Terminal Network Overview

Sprague’s network of 22 owned and/or controlled terminals are conveniently located throughout the Northeastern United States.  We take pride in the smooth operations at our terminals – our facilities are designed for easy access and loading and our employees pride themselves in providing a safe environment as well as friendly service. We know how important it is to efficiently load vehicles and do all that we can to facilitate this process.